Driving Constant Innovation
Utilizing the most advanced technology

Leveraging Technology to Create Efficient Transportation Solutions

Integrating new technology allows U.S. Multimodal Group to provide transportation solutions that include cross-network analyses of efficiency gains and emissions reductions, and advise clients on how to leverage data to enhance transportation decision making

Resistance to shifting technology, in any industry, can be detrimental to the long term survival of an organization. Although sometimes uncomfortable, being open to change and new ideas is what has allowed US Multimodal Group and its partners to thrive within their industry. 

ActiveTrac is our customer portal that allows you to view pending and completed shipments  By accessing this portal you can view interchanges, PODs and shipment charges, as well as check container availability and delivery status.  Shipment tracking has never been easier!

DiSC Mobile

DiSC mobile is a revolutionary new electronic proof of delivery & mobile dispatch service offered by Profit Tools.  This digital signature capture application was created to expedite and simplify the current system of receiving and processing Proof of Delivery documents (PODs).  DiSC mobile enables us to provide real time dispatch updates along with instant PODs so you can more easily track your shipments and view their supporting docs.

SmartWay technologies allow us to track and reduce our overall impact on the environment.

Shipping technology allows us to track and report freight shipping and give updates in real time.

Instant and automated digital reporting ensures the accuracy and timeliness of important data.

Our interconnected fleet of warehouses, trucks, and dispatchers ensures excellence.