Making Changes Today
For a Greener Tomorrow

Doing Our Part to Create an Environmentally Conscious Supply Chain

Global trade has a net positive effect on the world economy. However, associated freight transportation produces adverse impacts on the environment and public health.

To address these trends and challenges, EPA developed the SmartWay. Freight shippers, carriers, logistics companies and other stakeholders partner with EPA to measure, benchmark and improve logistics operations so they can reduce their environmental footprint.

U.S. Multimodal Group is a proud Transport Partner with SmartWay contributing to the Partnership’s savings of 312 million barrels of oil, $41.8 billion on fuel costs, 133 metric tons of CO2, 2.6 million tons of NOx and 109 million tons of PM.

This is equivalent to eliminating annual energy use in over 20 million homes. 

Intermodal Association of North America

IANA is the only organization that represents the combined interests of the intermodal freight transportation industry.



To promote the growth of efficient intermodal freight transportation through innovation, education and dialogue.



Million Barrels of Oil
Million Tons of PM

SmartWay Partnership Savings

Billion Dollars Worth of Fuel
Metric Tons of CO2
Metric Tons of NOx